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    Healthy foods like fruits and vegetables help prevent cancer.
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Welcome to Our Website


Cancer Prevention Network (dba Coins For Cancer) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating a healthy lifestyle for the prevention of cancer.

CPN is an organization that provides educational information to the general public concerning cancer and other degenerative diseases.  CPN also provides support and medical equipment and supplies to other organizations, hospitals, clinics, and third-world humanitarian projects.

Programs & Services


Cancer Prevention Network was organized to provide a vital community service to the general public.  CPN provides the general public free information about various types of cancer and how to develop a healthy lifestyle with the goal of preventing such cancers.

CPN plans to take part in various community activities such as health fairs and health conferences to give information about health, nutrition, exercise programs, and disease prevention, such as cancer.

CPN will have the opportunity to provide information domestically, as well as abroad, and will help people to understand how nutrition, exercise, and an overall healthy lifestyle can help prevent diseases, like cancer.

Did You Know?


Be Healthy!

A healthy diet and exercise can influence your risk for cancer. Read more...


Coins can make a difference!

Your coins can help us in our cause to fight cancer.   Click to donate...